Did You Know

Build Futures provides immediate housing to homeless 18 to 24 year olds in Orange County. With the rising drug problem, dangerous street life, and human trafficking in Orange County, it is imperative that we find our clients housing within 24 hours of referral, usually the same day. We then provide them the services, resources, and support they need to obtain and maintain stable employment, and long term independence.

Our goal is to never turn away a homeless youth who needs help in Orange County. We continue to meet this goal.

In 2016, 95% of every dollar donated went to client expenses.


In 2016, Build Futures housed 125 homeless youth who were living on the streets of Orange County.

Of the youth  we housed using rapid rehousing, 75% obtained jobs and became self-sufficient.

Surprising facts:

* In 2016, in Orange County public schools, over 2,600 high school seniors 18 or turning 18 were homeless.

* Orange County has the second highest percentage of homeless students in California at 6.5% or 32,510 students.

* Orange County has the third highest poverty rate in California at 24.2%.

*In Orange County, it costs $ 980 a week for jail and only $130 a week for Build Futures to house a homeless youth and help them become contributing members of our community.

* California has the second highest unsheltered homeless youth population in the country, only 21% have shelter.

* The Dept. of Labor reports unemployment for youth 16 to 24 is the highest in history, and for homeless youth it is as high as 75%.